Sharkys on the Pier

Sharkys on the Pier Sign - Venice, FL

Sign at Sharkys on the Pier at Venice Beach, Florida

Anyone that lives near the Venice, Florida area knows that the only restaurant on a pier at Venice Beach is Sharkys on the Pier. Whether you’re planning a trip to either Venice Beach or Caspersen Beach in Florida, be sure to stop by Sharkys for a sunset dinner, although you will need to show up a bit early to be able to get a table.

If you’re out hunting shark teeth, you’ll be able to find some real Carcharodon megaldon teeth for sale at the little shop on the pier at Sharkys. These teeth were actually pulled out of the water from the beaches around the pier. There are also commonly fishers on the pier that catch sharks, sting ray and a wide variety of other ocean fish.

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Beach view of Sharkys on the Pier - Venice, FL

Sharkys on the Pier in Venice Beach Florida

The food at Sharkys is excellent and the portions are large. If you get something like the Ultimate Nachos, two adults can generally share it and be completely stuffed. Other, more luxurious selections, like the Kobe beef burger, are extremely good. Whatever your tastes, there is sure to be a lunch or dinner entree at this restaurant on the pier at Venice Beach that will please you.

Since the Golf Coast is on the West side of Florida, Sharkys has an amazing sunset view over the ocean that is well worth the trip just for this sight. For shark teeth hunting enthusiasts, be sure to grab one of their paper place mats that they use on the tables. This is actually a shark tooth identification chart that shows a few of the common types of shark teeth you can find in the area.

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Sunset at Sharkys on the Pier

Sunset on Venice Beach, Florida at Sharkys on the Pier

Since the shark teeth identification chart from Sharkys won’t show you everything that you can find in the ocean and on the beaches here, it’s also important to have some additional knowledge that you can to help you find and identify various shark teeth and fossils that are common there.

It’s highly recommended that you buy a book on finding shark teeth or ocean fossils, since these books have specialized information for this purpose that is extremely helpful in the field. Without knowing what you are looking for, it is easy to toss away a valuable find that just looked like a rock. There are actually fossilized jaw pieces that are easy to miss without one of these guide books.

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Sharkys on the Pier is located on Harbor Drive South, just south of Venice Beach, FL, to the west of Venice and it’s airport, and also just a bit to the north from Caspersen Beach. No matter what your destination is near Venice, you simply must stop at Sharkys restaurant on the pier for a sunset dinner on the beach.

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