Megalodon Pictures

Picture depicting a megalodon chasing prehistoric dolphins

Megalodon Chasing A Meal

It is human nature to want to know what a real Carcharodon megalodon actually looked like, but unfortunately there cannot possibly be any real photograph proof that they exist.

Megalodon and humans have never lived on this earth at the same time. Even if the last of these sharks went extinct early in human history, which is highly unlikely, there would still not be any real pictures of the mega tooth shark.

Man inside a megalodon mouth

Man in Megalodon Mouth

Despite these facts, many different kinds of artists have attempted to depict this shark in their own way. Some pictures are drawings or paintings. There have also been a lot of computer graphics artists that have done their own renderings and fake photographs of it.

While some artists have used some actual scientific facts to create their works of art, others have let their imagination run wild with different possibilities. It is easy to imagine a wide variety of scenes when you start to think about the world in prehistoric times that was covered in large beasts.

Picture of a man standing beside a C. megalodon jaw and teeth

Man & Megalodon Size Comparison

There are also some real-life pictures of people and megalodon. Although the shark is obviously not real, they make for very interesting photographs. Some museums have replicas of jaws using real teeth. When a man stands upright next to the jaw, it is easy to see how large this shark really was and how it would have been entirely possible for it to eat humans.

There are even some full head replicas of this shark that can make for some very entertaining shots with people being able to completely climb inside of the sharks mouth.

Carcharodon Megalodon eating a dinosaur

Megalodon Attacking Dinosaur

All of the pictures found here are works by other artists. They were found available with a Creative Commons 2.0 License, allowing them to be reused elsewhere. There are many other works out there that were unable to be reproduced here, but this is a decent sampling of the available megalodon pictures commonly found.

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