Megalodon Movies

Price: $9.51
Publisher: The Asylum Home Entertainment
Release Date: 2010-12-21
Summary: Jaleel White stars in this monster movie that pits the mega tooth shark against crocosaurus. This is one of the most recent megalodon movie releases and is quite possibly the best creature battle film with this shark, so it is recommend for anyone looking for this type of movie.

There are actually dozens of different movies featuring Carcharodon megalodon in some way, although the uses of this fearsome shark on the silver screen widely vary. In general, most movies do not depict this shark in a manner that is based on scientific fact.

The filmmakers have tried to let their imaginations run wild with the possibilities of a huge shark that is 50 or even 100 feet long, but this type of exaggeration is expected in Hollywood and makes for some entertaining megalodon movies.

Some of these movies are set back in prehistoric times when megalodon ruled the oceans of the world. Most of these films depict the shark battling other legendary creatures of the earth or even fabricated creatures. Some of these include large, prehistoric alligator-like lizards or even dinosaurs, even though megalodon and dinosaurs never existed on the earth at the same time in history.

Price: $8.99
Publisher: Timeless Media Group
Release Date: 2008-06-03
Summary: SPECIAL EXTENDED EDITION! Peter Benchley, the master of sea terror, returns with another tale of aquatic mayhem in this three hour uncut version. With almost 80 minutes of restored scenes previously edited from earlier release, this is the original version, nominated for two Prime Time Emmys. Stars William L. Petersen (CSI).

Other movies are set in modern times with megalodon still alive. There are a variety of these movies that depict what life could be like if megalodon never went extinct and lived with humans. A lot of people have thought about this type of scenario, so it can make for an interesting movie topic.

There are also megalodon documentaries from companies like National Geographic that are excellent films for people that want to learn some real information about the mega took shark. A documentary is quite different from the other types of movies made about this shark, but it is also nice to get a realistic point of view that simply cannot be found in many other types of films. For students looking to learn real information about this shark, these are highly recommended.

Take a look below for our recommendations on some of the best movies, films, and documentaries on megalodon that are currently available. With so many choices out there, it is helpful to know which of these movies are entertaining and worth the time to watch because there are some low quality movies that have been made about this shark.

Price: $19.93
Publisher: National Geographic
Release Date: 2010-12-08
Summary: For students or anyone else that wants to learn actual facts about this amazing shark instead of watching Hollywood fabrications, National Geographic is a reliable, leading documentary that is highly recommended. Megalodon was the biggest predator ever to swim the oceans. And for 20 million years, this ferocious 50-ton shark with a 9-foot jaw and 7-inch serrated teeth terrorized the creatures of the seas. Now, nearly 2 million years after its extinction, a team of scientists is combining research on today's great white with the only Megalodon fossils ever found to unlock the mysteries of this apex predator.

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