Megalodon Movies & Videos

Although there are not any true pictures, videos, or movies showing a real Carcharodon megalodon, there are still plenty of these that have been created by imaginative filmmakers, photographers, and artists.

The mega tooth shark was likely long gone before humans ever walked this earth, but it would have posed a great danger to all man-kind if we did co-exist with it. Luckily, humanity did not have a deal with this beast personally, but we can still experience it’s amazing power through modern day films, movies, and other types of video.

Carcharodon megalodon has been a popular shark used in a number of movies over the last few decades, even though they were not major blockbuster films with a huge budget. Most pictures are actually drawings or paintings that have been made by various artists. There are also quite a few photographs that have been altered with the shark.

Some people may also wonder if anyone has ever claimed a megalodon sighting. There actually are some claimed sightings out there, so we have dedicated a page to that purpose to talk about that subject in more detail.

Even though genuine footage of this shark simply does not exist, it is still a lot of fun to imagine how this shark really looked and to dream about it’s size and power. When a movie producer makes a megalodon movie, it’s intriguing to watch it to see how someone else believes this shark lived.

Although there are some movies that have actually been based on some type of factual information about these sharks, it is fairly common knowledge that a large majority of the videos, pictures, and movies depict an unrealistic megalodon. In many cases, this shark is shown to be much larger than it actually was, even though it was massive beast that topped 60 feet in length.

Pictures, Drawings, Paintings, and Photographs of Carcharodon Megalodon
Both traditional artists and computer artists have made many different pictures, drawings, paintings and even photographs of Carcharodon megalodon. It is interesting to see how an artist will interpret this shark, since nobody can really say for sure what it looked like. Look at some of these pictures here.

Megalodon Movies - Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus
There are numerous filmmakers that have featured C. megalodon in a movie. Take a look at a few recommended titles here. Many of these exciting movies actually involve battles between other large prehistoric animals and megalodon sharks, like Mega Shark vs Crocosaurus.

Megalodon Sightings
Find out whether there is really any truth behind some internet rumors concerning megalodon sightings. Some people may find this to be a ridiculous topic, while others believe the shark may still be alive in the depths of our oceans.

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