Megalodon Facts

Since Carcharodon megalodon is now extinct, there is a desire to learn facts about this great shark. Some of the information about megalodon has been speculated by scientists and fossil evidence, although there are a decent number of facts that have been confirmed about this shark.

We have put together a series of guides that you can use to learn megalodon facts. While some of these are specifically about megalodon, other facts are about sharks in general. Many of the habitat and feeding patterns of all sharks share some similarities, even though C. megalodon dominated the ocean when it was alive.

The facts found on this website have been obtained from a variety of sources, both online and offline. As a result, it’s not recommended to use this information as definite facts for a school report. However, you can find some resources that you can reference in a report through the various sections of this facts guide.

What do sharks eat? What did megalodon eat?
Many people wonder what do sharks eat? Even more so, people are curious about what Carcharodon megalodon ate when it was ruling the oceans of the world. This guide is an overview of the diet and hunting habits of both sharks in general and megalodon, including a special resource for those of you that would like even more information on what sharks eat.

Where do sharks live and where did C. megalodon live?
It is hard to imagine what life is like in the ocean for a shark or any kind of marine animal. Find out where sharks live and other facts about their habitat. This guide also gives information and facts specifically about C. megalodon, it’s habitat, and where it lived. Take a dive into the underwater world of the fierce shark!

Shark species and types of sharks
Many people are only aware of a few different kinds of sharks, but there are actually hundreds or even thousands of shark species throughout the world. Some of these sharks still live and roam the oceans of the world, while others, like C. megalodon have gone extinct. Regardless of their current evolutionary status, all sharks have played some kind of significant role in shaping the evolution of marine life. This guide talks about some of the best known sharks and provides an excellent resource for those who would like to find out about more types of sharks.

A prehistoric sharks guide
The prehistoric world was vastly different from what it is today, and the ocean is certainly no exception. Huge sharks, like megalodon, and other strange sea creatures rules the oceans of the world in prehistoric days. This guide talks about some of the prehistoric sharks and other marine life that lived during that time. Find out what life would have been like for humans to exist alongside of C. megalodon.

The size of C. megalodon - Just how big was this shark?
One of the most common facts that people want to find out about megalodon is it’s size. So, how big / long was this shark? This guide talks about this highly debated topic, the size of megalodon. You can also find an excellent size comparison chart here of megalodon, a whale living today, and sharks alive today.

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