Megalodon Shark Teeth Florida

Florida is well known for it’s natural environment, and the ocean is a large part of it. For megalodon shark teeth hunters, Florida’s oceans are a gold mine just waiting to be discovered. The key is to know what beach to visit to dig, hunt or dive for shark teeth in Florida. While it is possible to find a shark tooth on almost any beach, the tides have caused particular beaches to have extremely high concentrations.

Before you can start hunting for megalodon teeth in Florida, there are a few important things that will need to be done first. Follow our checklist below to get started.

  1. Shark Teeth Education – It’s important to learn something about Carcharodon megalodon before you go hunting or diving for teeth. The most important thing to learn is shark tooth identification so you can properly identify the teeth you find. Although you may be hunting for megalodon teeth, you’ll likely end up finding a wide variety of shark teeth and other kinds of fossils. Unless you know what you’re looking for, it’s actually easy to overlook an amazing find because you think it’s just a rock.
  2. Hunting / Diving Beach Location – Knowing where to find megalodon teeth is half of the battle. A great spot is truly worth it’s weight in gold, and you’re going to learn about an amazing shark teeth hunting ground in Florida on this website, which is on the Gulf Coast! Take a look at the bottom of the page for guides to two of the megalodon shark teeth beaches in Florida.
  3. Hunting / Diving Equipment – It’s also important to figure out how you are going to hunt for shark teeth once you get to the beach. It general, there are two choices: hunting and diving. Many people can’t dive but still want to find megalodon teeth. While it is possible to find these teeth washed up on shore after a decent storm, the best chance you have of finding these shark teeth without diving is to use a sand scoop. A sand scoop is specially made for this purpose, which allows you to wade in water and scoop up sand to look for teeth. It can be hard to find a decent sand scoop once you get near the beaches in Florida, so be sure to buy a sand scoop online in advance of your trip. The best chances of finding megalodon teeth are generally by diving. While it is possible to free dive for megalodon teeth, most people will need to be experienced scuba divers to dive for teeth. Teeth are often found in 20 – 30 feet of water, so free diving is difficult for anyone except excellent swimmers.
Shark Tooth Capital of the World - Venice Beach Florida
Famously known as the shark tooth capital of the world, Venice Beach in Florida is an amazing vacation destination for beach lovers and megalodon teeth hunters alike. You can literally scoop your hand in the shell line and find a shark tooth almost every time!

Caspersen Beach Florida Shark Teeth
Caspersen Beach in Florida is near Venice Beach, although many people don’t actually know about Caspersen Beach. Basically, you’ll find the same teeth with a lot less people – an excellent destination for Megalodon teeth divers.

Sharkys on the Pier - Venice Beach Florida Shark Teeth Hunting
After a long day of hunting for shark teeth at Venice Beach or Caspersen Beach, there’s simply no better place to go to for a sunset dinner overlooking the beach than Sharky’s on the Pier. The only restaurant on a pier in Venice Beach Florida.

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