Caspersen Beach Shark Teeth

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Product Summary: The perfect, premium sand scoop for megalodon tooth hunting - you simply won't find this scoop for rent at a beach stand, so be sure to order online early to ensure it arrives by the time you need it.

This top of the line heavy duty stainless steel scoop will help you easily recover your finds. This scoop is designed for shallow water target recovery at the beach. Rugged design makes this scoop substantial enough to get the job done, yet light enough for all day use. A reinforced footpad allows you to use your full body weight to dig effortlessly. A full 48" long pole makes this scoop the perfect length.

Pro features include:
  • Popular round basket design.
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge stainless steel.
  • Welded construction for strength and durability.
  • Basket is 6" x 10"
  • Straight steel handle
  • Overall length is 4'
  • Reinforced stainless steel footpad
Caspersen Beach, Florida - Sister of the Shark Tooth Capital of the World

Caspersen Beach, Florida - A Great Destination For Megalodon Shark Teeth Hunting & Diving

Although Venice is considered to be the place to go for shark teeth on the Gulf Coast, it doesn’t mean that is the only place to go. Another beach that is just a bit to the south of Venice Beach is Caspersen Beach. The unique thing about Caspersen Beach, Florida is that it is not as populated or as well known as Venice Beach, but it shares the same geography that makes it loaded with shark teeth!

During high tide, there is actually not a lot of beach available at Caspersen Beach, FL. A road travels parallel to the beach, which has a pier on one end. Next to this road is a steep, rocky bank that slopes down to the actual sand. These large rock formations can be found on the beach, buried in the sand and even in the ocean itself. As a result, care needs to be taken in this area because it is easy to fall over these rocks if you’re not paying attention to where you are walking.

Caspersen Beach offers the same shark teeth hunting and diving opportunities, although there are generally less people at this beach. As a result, it’s usually easier to find more shark teeth here, especially the hard-to-find megalodon teeth that are highly sought after in this area.

At the very least, it’s important to have a sand scoop when you’re hunting for shark teeth on the beach. Simply walk up to the point where the water is breaking on the beach and find the line of shells. This is a great place to start looking for shark teeth. Scoop up some of this sand and sift out the contents in the water. It’s generally easiest to shake the basket while it is still submerged in the water until all of the small sand and debris has been washed away. It’s important to be careful not to submerge the basket too much during this process or else the contents can be swept away by an incoming wave.

The now sifted and cleaned contents of the sand scoop basket can be walked to a nearby spot on the beach that is safe from waves. Dump out the basket and look through the shells for shark teeth. Although it’s difficult to find large, whole megalodon teeth with this strategy, you can literally fill a plastic baggy full of shark teeth in a single afternoon on Caspersen Beach in Florida.

Diving For Megalodon Shark Teeth - Caspersen Beach Florida

4"+ Carcharodon megalodon shark tooth found while diving off the coast of Caspersen Beach, Florida.

Diving for megalodon teeth is fairly common off the coast of Caspersen Beach, FL, although Venice Beach is more well known for this activity. Ocean scuba diving is only for trained, certified and experienced divers, but those who are qualified can find this to be an extremely rewarding hobby. Some people have even turned diving for megalodon shark teeth into a career, since large teeth from Carcharodon megalodon that are in perfect condition can be worth $10,000 or more.

Since the actual slope of the land under the ocean off of Caspersen Beach is very similar to that of Venice Beach, it is possible to free dive for megalodon teeth here, although proper equipment and experience is still necessary. In general, the ocean floor is about 20-30 feet down in the areas where megalodon teeth are most commonly found. The bad news is that visibility is fairly limited in this part of the ocean, so you may want to expect only 5 feet of visibility while diving.


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Author: Mr. Robert L. Fuqua
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Product Summary: Are you fascinated by fossil shark teeth? Would you like to visit Venice, Florida and find some nice ones? This book will tell you everything you need to know to get started - on the beach, SCUBA diving, and inland. The key to success is a little knowledge and this book will give it to you. Soon you will be finding fossil shark teeth!

Caspersen Beach is located south of Venice near the airport, which is technically in Englewood, FL near Sarasota.

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