Megalodon Shark Teeth

Many people refer to Carcharodon megalodon as the “Megatooth Shark” for good reason – it’s teeth are absolutely huge! Some of the largest teeth found have been over 7 inches in length.

There are a few reasons why people love megalodon teeth. First, just the thought of going out into the world and finding a tooth from one of these prehistoric beasts is amazing.

People have always been fascinated with creatures that seem out of this world. Dinosaurs fascinate millions of people, but it’s not very easy to go out in nature and find dinosaur bones. However, the megatooth shark is a different story. There are a number of places where you can find these shark teeth, and some of them may surprise you.

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Where can you find Carcharodon megalodon teeth?

  • Ocean Floor – The bottom of the ocean is both the most obvious place to find these teeth, but it’s also one of the hardest places. In particular locations, it is possible to free dive for megalodon teeth, although there are not a lot of them. Take a look at our page on Florida shark teeth for some information on one particular location where this is possible. In most places, you will need to go scuba diving.
  • Beaches – Millions of people flock to beaches every year to enjoy relaxing in the water and sun. Some of these people flock to particular beaches to hunt or dive for shark teeth. Florida also offers some excellent beaches on the Gulf Coast that are literally loaded with shark teeth. After large storms, full megalodon teeth can actually wash up on the shore of these beaches! It is also possible to use sand scoops while wading in the water to find these teeth, although some luck is needed to have major success with this.
  • Rivers – Yes, as shocking as it may seem, you can actually find Carcharodon megalodon teeth in some rivers. Just because something is a river today does not mean it has always been that way. Quite a few rivers scattered across the world used to be completely underwater. The river beds in these rivers can actually contain megalodon teeth. Take a look at our hunting or diving pages for more information on rivers.
Hunting for Carcharodon megaldon teeth with sand scoops at the beach
If you want to successfully hunt for a megalodon tooth, it’s important to know what you’re looking for and go prepared with the proper tools. It is also important to know a good location for teeth hunting. Learn all of the important basics here.
Scuba diving for megalodon shark teeth
Diving for megalodon teeth is not for everyone, but this is the best way to find teeth the fastest. If you are on a quest to find a huge tooth, scuba diving is one of the only ways this will happen except for very rare occasions. To dive, you will need a lot of equipment, proper training and diving certification, so this site is meant to serve as a guide to some of this information.
Shark Tooth Identification Chart - How to identify shark teeth
Before you can go hunting or diving for shark teeth of any kind, you need to know what you’re looking for. Most people don’t realize that there are actually a lot of different kinds of shark teeth, so it’s important to at least study a shark tooth identification chart to become familiar with teeth from various shark species.

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